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With the rise of content marketing, it has become the focus of many business strategies. As we all may be aware, Google only indexes your site when you have fresh content that is relevant and searchable. Regardless if you are a start up, corporation, or simply DIYing content for your own site, it can be difficult and tiring to brainstorm and generate relevant and creative content.

A trap that many content creators fall into is recycling the same idea again and again. If you’re looking to create cutting edge content, just remember where you came from. A quick tip for exploring other avenues of content creation is to remember that the way you do your work can be fascinating to others.

To get an idea of what we mean, open this video on YouTube. While watching, note the 3.5 million views in two weeks and the author’s use of Amazon affiliate links. It may just be a simply shot video with some voice-over, but it is powerful. Content is most effective when it can break through the clutter and present a new perspective to a user. Check it out!

Rusted butcher’s Knife – Impossible Restoration

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